Run Up Studio

Welcome to our
Music Studio


We are a music studio located in Walnut, California, driven by a profound passion for music and production. Our team is united by a shared vision of crafting music that is distinctive, expressive, and transcendent across various dimensions.

Our Program

Music Production

From a whisper of an idea to a full-blown melody. Share your dream, and whip up a song that resonates.

Audio Editing

Some sounds stand out like blemishes in a photo. Let us 'photoshop' those for you, ensuring every note strikes pure.


Be it for a movie, advert, or snippet – we craft tailored background tracks, setting your content apart.


Mixing and Mastering

Escape the "singing in the bathroom" vibe. Let us cleanse your tracks to shine bright and clear


Inspiration struck but words elude? Our lyrical wizards are on standby, eager to elevate your song's spirit.

Music Arrangement

Think your song needs a fresh coat? We'll tailor it, reviving its essence.

No limits to what we can create and achieve. We approach with a sense of curiosity and exploration, constantly try new things and break down barriers.

Through this process, we strive to create music that is truly unique and reflects the endless possibilities of artistic expression

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