About Us

Our team is made of audio technicians, composers, digital editors, songwriters, sound mixers, instrumentalists, and more – called in a case by case to create the best team for every project. With our deep-rooted love for music and passion for creating, we produce and carefully sculpt our pieces. We cover everything from music composition, arranging, mixing, and mastering, empowering you to achieve your artistic vision.


Run Up Studio founder. A joyful lyricist and a guitar player who loves to combine visual art and music together. She is a sound recorder and mixer with a unique taste, a music professional certificate from Berklee College of Music. Also a nature amateur photographer.


A piano performer with 20 years of experience who passion for improvisation, a composer who’s a fanatic for composing in an eclectic style. He is a music producer with a keen sense of how to quickly capture the character of a scene, specializing in composing, arranging, and mixing, with five music professional certificates from Berklee College of Music. He is passionate about finding a variety of tones for music.